Tandem instructor courses

Take the Tandem Pilot course in Skydiving Alta Gracia

If you are a skydiver and meet the requirements, you can do the Tandem Pilot course in Skydiving Alta Gracia; at 30 minutes from Córdoba city, in Córdoba province, Argentina; inside the aeroclub of Alta Gracia city.

How is the Tandem Pilot course like?

This course will enable you to use Dual Tandem system to carry passengers without any previous experience, to make a parachute jump.

How long is the Dual Tandem Instructor course?

The duration of the course is approximately three days; there is no minimum or maximum quota.

What are the requirements to start de Tandem Pilot course?

To enroll on this course you have to meet the following requirements:

  • To be 21 years old
  • To have completed secondary school or polytechnic education cycle
  • To possess the certificate of Psycho physiologicalapproval
  • To hold a Skydiver Certificate of Competencewith Skydiver Instructor qualification
  • To have performed a minimum of 500 jumps, of which:
    • At least 450 must have been performed using multi-cell canopy type (flat)
    • Tohave performed 50 jumps in the last year
    • Having carried out a real or caused emergency with reserve canopy opening after releasing the main one 
    • Accumulate 4 hours of freefall time

If you live far from our skydiving center, whether you are Argentine or foreigner, take into account that we offer accommodation free of charge on request.

For further information or inquiries, contact us!

We hope you can join in this new challenge, and have the privilege to make others feel the sensation of free fall.


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